Important Notes

  1. Data Source: The data displayed by this device is sourced from the internet and may be affected by data source reliability, network signal transmission, device update frequency, and information control. Do not make investment decisions based on the information displayed by this device. The manufacturer is not responsible for any investment actions taken by users.
  2. Test Data: The weather, stock, exchange rate, and cryptocurrency data provided are for device testing purposes only. Users are advised to use their own API to ensure data validity.
  3. Network Requirement: The device requires an internet connection. For first-time use, please register an account on the official website and bind the device. Ensure a stable 2.4G Wi-Fi environment.
  4. Do Not Disassemble: Do not disassemble the device to avoid voiding the warranty.

Front View

  • 2.9-inch E-ink Screen
  • LED Indicator

Back View

  • Power Switch
  • Type-C Power Interface
  • Key A (Device Information)
  • Key B (Weather)
  • Key C (Time)

Note: Press Key A/B/C to switch to the corresponding function interface. Press again to return to the main interface (stocks, exchange rates, cryptocurrencies).

First-Time Setup

  1. Power On: Connect the device to a power source and set the back switch to ON.
  2. Wi-Fi Setup: Wait for the device to start, then follow the on-screen instructions to search for the device Wi-Fi on your phone. The Wi-Fi name will be: EleksCava_xxxx.
  3. Access Configuration: Wait for the phone to prompt the configuration interface or use a browser to visit
  4. Select Wi-Fi: On the configuration page, select the Wi-Fi network for the EleksCava device and save the settings.
  5. Activation Code: Wait for the device to restart and automatically connect to Wi-Fi. Once connected, the device will display a five-digit activation code.
  6. Account Registration: Visit EleksCava Website to register an account and activate it. Log in and enter the activation code in the "Add Device" section to complete the binding.
  7. Configure Display: Select the stocks, cryptocurrencies, or exchange rates to display and send them to the device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which stock markets does EleksCava support? EleksCava currently supports U.S. stock markets, global exchange rates, and global cryptocurrency markets. We are working on integrating more stock and futures market data interfaces. Notifications will be sent out when new markets are added.

Is there a fee for market data? You can purchase the relevant data interface API from providers and use your own API Key in the backend to access this data. If you are not ready to purchase, you can use our test interface to test the device. Test interface data still comes from the respective providers, and our use of the interface does not constitute any advice or charges.

Is the data real-time? The update frequency depends on the interface data update frequency and device configuration interval. The minimum update interval is 1 minute. We plan to offer real-time updates in the future. The data update frequency depends on your chosen API type; typically, 15-minute interval APIs are more cost-effective. Our test interface provides real-time updates.

Can multiple stocks be displayed? Yes, there are two solutions for displaying multiple stocks: configure a playlist in the EleksCava backend, add the stocks to be displayed, and send them to the device. The device will cycle through these stocks according to the playlist order. Alternatively, you can purchase multiple EleksCava units and configure different stocks on each device for a clearer display.

Does the device support OTA updates? Yes, we continually optimize the software based on user feedback. If you wish to join our beta testing group, you can join our Discord group.